Town of Brookfield
Municipal Codes

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Table of Contents

Index of Code

Chapter 1 - General Government

Chapter 2 - The Governing Body

Chapter 3 - Finance and Taxation

Chapter 4 - Police Department

Chapter 5 - Fire Department

Chapter 7 - Traffic Code

Chapter 8 - Public Works

Chapter 9 - Public Peace and Good Order

    Dirt Bike Trail Ordinance - 11/08

Chapter 10 - Public Nuisances

Chapter 12 - Licenses and Permits

Chapter 14 - Building Code

Chapter 15 - Plumbing Code

Chapter 16 - Electrical Code

Chapter 17 - Zoning Code

    Accessory Structure Update - 11/05

Chapter 18 - Subdivision & Planning

Chapter 19 - Parks and Recreation

Chapter 20 - Administrative Review

    Stormwater Utility Ordinance - 10/21/03

Chapter 22 - Cable Television

Chapter 25 - Construction & Effect of Ordinances

Chapter 26 - Storm Water Management

Chapter 28 - Ethics Code

Chapter 30 - Erosion Control

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