Town of Brookfield Police Department

Patrol Operations

Patrol duties are probably considered the most important aspect of police work.  The presence of police throughout the public sector aids in the prevention and detection of crime as well as reducing accidents and insuring compliance with state and local laws. 

The Town of Brookfield Police Department provides 24-hour coverage to its citizens and community.  The department operates three shifts daily (1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

Patrol officers operate marked police vehicles and patrol residential and business areas of the town.  These patrol vehicles are equipped with the essential tools of everyday modern policing.  The Town of Brookfield prides itself in providing cutting edge technology and equipment for its police officers to do their jobs.

The Town of Brookfield Police Department and the Town of Brookfield Fire Department are dispatched by the Waukesha County Communications Center (WCC).  WCC provides police and fire dispatching for several communities in Waukesha County.

For further information on our dispatch center, go to Waukesha County Communications (WCC)

Bicycle Patrol

Our agency joined with the many other agencies across the nation in the effort to promote this effective "beat" aspect of community policing.

Our Bike Patrol currently has five trained officers who participate in the program.  These officers conduct many productive services such as:

  • Continuing public relations

  • Patrol of public lots and parks

  • Neighborhood patrol

  • Conduct children's bike safety courses at local organizations

  • Speed enforcement

  • Parking enforcement

The Bike Patrol is a well received and motivated member of the patrol operations of the TBPD and it will remain so for years to come.

The patrol bike is perfect for the citizens of the Town of Brookfield.  It can provide services to the merchant areas as well as the neighborhoods of the town.


All major investigations are led by a department detective.


  • Robberies
  • Burglaries
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Deaths
  • Internet Crimes
  • Crimes Against Children
  • White Collar Crimes


The police department specially trains select officers to become our field evidence technicians.  Field evidence technicians respond to process major crime scenes.  These officers are specially trained in collecting, handling, and storing evidence.  They also receive advanced training in crime scene photography.  They serve as a liaison between the department and the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory in Milwaukee. 


Field Training Unit

The Town of Brookfield Police Department specially trains select officers to become “field training officers.”  These field training officers are responsible for training newly hired officers in the department.  They also participate in the recruitment and selection process for the hiring of new officers.

The field training process is a nationally accepted training process designed to assist police academy graduates make the transition from the classroom environment to the application of learned skills in, “field situations.” 

The field training process is intended to provide new officers with instruction, direction, supervision, guidance, and experience to assist them in applying critical skills as a law enforcement officer.

Spcialized Training

The department encourages officers to continue with on going education and specialized training as part of their career development.  Every officer participates in a minimum of 24 hours of training each year.  The department provides ongoing training in the following areas:

Use of Force
Legal Updates
Vehicle Contacts and Driving
CPR/AED First Responder


Other areas of specialized training officers have received:

Supervision of Police Personnel/Leadership
Police Staff and Command
Evidence Technician
Field Training Officer
Bicycle Officer Child Safety Seat Inspector
Instructor Certifications
Accident Investigation
Incident Command
Community Policing and Problem Solving
Other certifications
Other seminars and conferences


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Brookfield, WI 53045
(262) 796-3788
fax: (262) 796-0339