Town of Brookfield Park & Recreation Department

Park Hours are 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Please see RULES in this section for a synopsis of park restrictions.

All permits can be filled out online but must be printed and delivered to the Park & Rec with fees in order to reserve any dates. Call to check if your date is available.

Park Permit Form - must be accompanied by deposit check and permit fees, on separate checks; made out to Town of Brookfield (no reservations can be made without full payment of fees).  Click and fill out the form online and print it out.  Each field can be typed in on the website and printed out; also choose the park with the drop-down box on the website.

Alcohol Permit Form - must be accompanied by separate check for correct amount; made out to Town of Brookfield at least one month in advance of the event.  Click and fill out the form online and print it out.  Each field can be typed in on the website and printed out; also choose the park with the drop-down box on the website.

You can pay for your park fees online or at Town Hall with your debit or credit card!

You MUST supply an email for payment confirmation. The form must be sent, faxed, or mailed immediately after payment. Separate park permit, usage, AND deposit must be paid before any reservation will be made.

Click to pay

GovPay does charge a separate processing fee which will be generated before payment and is not refundable.


Park Permits

Please see PERMIT to print a park permit form to reserve a facility.  Send checks made out to Town of Brookfield.  Separate checks for deposit and permit fee are appreciated for quick return of deposit.  Checks and permit should be sent to the Park and Rec (address listed on the links to the left on all web pages).  If you plan on having alcohol at your park event, this form must be filled out, fees paid and returned to the Town Clerk at least one month in advance of the event.  Click here for an alcohol permit.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed for permit forms.)

Send all permits and fees, on separate checks made out to the Town of Brookfield, to Park & Rec, 645 North Janacek Road, Brookfield, WI 53045-6052.


The Town of Brookfield park and facilities are established and maintained as areas of recreation, relaxation and enjoyment for the citizens of Brookfield. It is the intent of the Town to maximize the usage of these facilities within the limits of space, design and accommodations available at each park site. The highest priority for park use is given to recreation and education uses by Town of Brookfield residents.

The following sites are available for group reservations (click for additional information and photos of the parks):

Marx Park
Wray Park
Brook Park

Reservations can be made after January 1 of each year for that calendar year. Parks may be reserved for use between March 1st and October 31st each year.

Groups or individuals who reside outside the Town of Brookfield limits may not apply for permits more than 30 days in advance of the date requested.

Park Rules

Amplification: Permission is required for amplification of speech or music in any park area.  Contact the Police Department for further information on our noise ordinances.

Vending: Land use regulations prohibit the vending of goods except as specified in Chapter 14 of the Brookfield Town Code.

Vehicles: Motorized vehicles are allowed only in designated parking areas, and are prohibited on turf areas or on bike paths pursuant to Town Ordinance 19.02.

Firearms: Firearms, fireworks, and explosives are prohibited from all public park areas.

Alcohol and Narcotics: Alcoholic beverages and narcotics are not permitted in any town park area or facility (alcohol by permit only) pursuant to Town Ordinance 19.01.

Dogs: NO DOGS ALLOWED! pursuant to Town Ordinance 19.02 under penalty of 25.02 General Code

Horses: Horses, donkeys, or mules are not allowed in any park, greenway or bike path, except where designated and permission granted.

Signs: Signs are not to be posted or displayed in the park unless prior permission has been granted (14.08).

Do not attach anything to picnic tables, pavillion walls or posts with tacks, staples, or nails. Non-marring tape may be used if removed promptly.

Exotic Animals: Exotic animals are not permitted in the park areas unless prior permission has been granted.

Barbecues: Barbecue pits or grills are provided for your use. Please do not leave a fire unattended or leave before extinguishing any fire. Dump hot briquettes in existing grills or take home with you..  Pig roasts are allowed as long as no damage is done to turf, asphalt concrete or any other park areas. Please do not have high-heat grills over the turf as this can damage turf, forfeiting your depsoit.

Camping: Camping is not allowed in any park area, unless approved by the Town Board.

Please phone for any specific regulations which may apply to your event.



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